Thursday, June 29, 2006

CSS is fun...

That may sound pretty lame but I am quite amazed with how much stuff is possible in one page using CSS. No I wouldnt normally go out and learn as much as I have to fix this blog up but I needed to know a fair bit for this defence related work that I am doing at work, surprisingly.

On the left I am going to include links to filter the posts on various projects I may be working on or have finished. I will include several projects that I have finished (or semi-finished as I tend not to finish things) as I believe they are reasonably interesting.

On the right is the standard fare, post archive and links. I also will include a sorted posts by...
So then you know what you are looking at.

Oh and the CSS features? Well, we have an image switcher on the left, removed navbar up top, new icon and dynamic resizing. Yeah go on, grab the corner of the window and resize it. :)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So it starts

Well I guess I succumbed to pressure and Ill have to go with the "all my friends are doing it" excuse. So here is my first post in my own blog. Dont ask my about the title for the blog, thats what happens when you cant think of a name and have a desk full of educational books.

So my plan...
I end up working on a few projects so hopefully I can put some of the details up here to keep it interesting. Otherwise it will end up being full of my dodgy rants.

Time to play around, and customise my baby!! Mwahaha :)