Thursday, September 21, 2006

Busy or just Lazy...

I know its been ages since I have posted anything but really its not like anyone is reading this anyway. Quick summary of what has been happening. Moved into an apartment in town above the david jones carpark, about to move out again next month (only got it for 3 months). Bought a projector - Panasonic PT-AE900. Its pretty cool and hooks into my HTPC pretty nicely for some large scale HDTV. Ill do a bit of a project summary of my HTPC and the whole home theatre setup a little later.

In other news I have now been contracted out to Saab so im out there doing all defencey type stuff which is cool. Also doing a decent amount of openGL and C++ programming. As part of my work education I have had a few assignments. One being a Model viewer that loads 3ds files. It works pretty good at the moment but Im looking into adding texture mapping, shadow volumes and also bump mapping support. Hopefully I should have all that done by the 4th October cos then Ill need to bury myself in the final assignment which involves creating a driving game. I have a bit of a plan of what I am going to do. Already started a simple 3d model of the vehicle so I might upload some images of that later. I should be able to use my model viewer as a basis for the game and then add physics, collisions and other goodies to make it a bit of fun. That needs to be done by the end of October so it is a pretty tight schedule but it will form a great basis for a much larger game project that I am working on and deosnt have any particular constraints, especially time.

Oh and in other news I am going overseas in december for a month to visit vietnam, laos, cambodia and thailand (if everything settles down over there).