Tuesday, October 17, 2006


It is now no longer known as my driving game but rather "downForce". Catchy huh?? I was making good progress on it on the weekend, had a semi swanking menu system which included rotating vehicle models but me effort on the actual game mechanics last night proved very futile. The stupid camera wont track behind the vehicle!!! Not just that but I cant get the stupid camera to move fullstop!! Camera movement was working fine in my modelviewer (I will make that available soonish) but now it just doesnt want to do what I want. Still trying to figure out the best way to do my physics and collision system. I have a pretty good idea I just have to work out how to implement it. Im also uncertain as to whether my ideas for better performance are actually necessary as there seems to be no noticeable drop in framerate despite loading all 3 vehicle models at the same time. Then again they are not exactly poly heavy models. It'll be interesting to see what happens when I load a decent size track with a fair amount of detail.

Anyway Im probably not making any sense but I have to have some kind of driving game done by the 30th October (yes I dont have much time). Im doing a kind of Wipeout clone and hopefully it'll turn out alright.

So the ship/vehicle looks a bit dodgy, I know. I havent textured it yet and I just needed to whip something up quickly for testing. If I had enough time I wouldnt mind implementing bumpmapping in the game and then trying to add a bump map to the model. Now that would be nice.

I figure I be a hermit for the next two weeks and if I can complete physics/collisions and general game mechanics this week. Then next week I can look at shadows, particles, 2D bitmapped fonts, overlays and other nice looking stuff. Plus some time to polish it up nicely. Oh and I guess I gotta make a track and some textures at some point too.

If only I had another 2 weeks annual leave available. :(

Also thought I might mention that currently textured models wont work in windows. Same goes for the modelviewer. They work in Linux tho!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

GTR2 and Steering Wheels

Was playing a bit of GTR2 over the weekend (highly recommended) and realised that the humble keyboard does not do this game justice. It does not help when you are coming out of a corner in a lamborghini and you pretty much have your foot flat to the floor (stupid digital keys). Without all the driving aids included in the game it is a guaranteed spin. Hence my need for analog controls.
Now there is a new controller out, the Logitech G25. Looks awesome with a price tag to match -$500. So that begs the question, how hard would it be to make a cool steering wheel, pedals and gearbox combo out of the real parts and maybe a cheap gaming controller. And while we are it, lets throw in a seat and a bit of metal piping for the full experience.
Oh, why do I have to work? I wanna go home now and get all this happening in front of my projector!!!