Tuesday, October 03, 2006

GTR2 and Steering Wheels

Was playing a bit of GTR2 over the weekend (highly recommended) and realised that the humble keyboard does not do this game justice. It does not help when you are coming out of a corner in a lamborghini and you pretty much have your foot flat to the floor (stupid digital keys). Without all the driving aids included in the game it is a guaranteed spin. Hence my need for analog controls.
Now there is a new controller out, the Logitech G25. Looks awesome with a price tag to match -$500. So that begs the question, how hard would it be to make a cool steering wheel, pedals and gearbox combo out of the real parts and maybe a cheap gaming controller. And while we are it, lets throw in a seat and a bit of metal piping for the full experience.
Oh, why do I have to work? I wanna go home now and get all this happening in front of my projector!!!

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