Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ion Cannon- Finished!!

Here is finished, textured version of my sci-fi gun, with attached control unit. The materials are probably a little too dark to see some of the detail such as bolts etc... But couldnt be bothered spending anymore time on it. Its done and now I can move onto other better things. Did learn some good stuff about using placement tool tho.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Ion Cannon

This is the base of what shall be dubbed the Ion Cannon. Some kind of sci-fi gun. Materials are probably a bit dark at the moment so miss out on a fair amount of detail but not too bad for a quick render with no lighting. Just need to add the gun barrels on top and the control unit.

Monday, February 12, 2007

New year, new work place.

Been a bit lazy and havent update. - One thing that isn't new.
We all made it back safe from our holiday. Other news includes me buying a house. So that will definitely involve several projects. Im thinking a nice water feature might be a possibility but only after I have saved up some money. I have a feeling I am gonna be quite broke for a while.

Currently working on several projects at the moment. Probably too many as I dont seem to be making any progress with any of them really. Also probly should fix this up and include half the stuff that I have promised before.

So a teaser of some stuff to possibly come....
3D models include: Some kind of sci-fi gun, Eva unit01, and a whole swag of pirate/merchant type stuff including ships that are for a funnily enough a pirate/merchant type game.
And in relation to money I am also working on THE budget application to end all budget applications. AND considering it isnt going to be a simple beast it is dragging its feet. Oh why cant i keep things simple.
Im sure there are other things but hopefully Ill be able to get a few renders up at some stage.

Also took me an hour and a half to get out to edinborough (sp?) this morning. Im sure that could have been time well spent doing something else.