Monday, February 12, 2007

New year, new work place.

Been a bit lazy and havent update. - One thing that isn't new.
We all made it back safe from our holiday. Other news includes me buying a house. So that will definitely involve several projects. Im thinking a nice water feature might be a possibility but only after I have saved up some money. I have a feeling I am gonna be quite broke for a while.

Currently working on several projects at the moment. Probably too many as I dont seem to be making any progress with any of them really. Also probly should fix this up and include half the stuff that I have promised before.

So a teaser of some stuff to possibly come....
3D models include: Some kind of sci-fi gun, Eva unit01, and a whole swag of pirate/merchant type stuff including ships that are for a funnily enough a pirate/merchant type game.
And in relation to money I am also working on THE budget application to end all budget applications. AND considering it isnt going to be a simple beast it is dragging its feet. Oh why cant i keep things simple.
Im sure there are other things but hopefully Ill be able to get a few renders up at some stage.

Also took me an hour and a half to get out to edinborough (sp?) this morning. Im sure that could have been time well spent doing something else.


J said...

Well, a house may as well be added to the ever increasing list of projects that you haven't finished and never will. Remind me never to go into business with you :)


meph31 said...

But the house is already finished. I just move in and live there. Doing stuff to the house will be what doesnt get finished.