Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More CSS, Sliding Doors and Drop Downs

Last week I had a bit of a disaster at work and lost a new menu system that I was working on for a client. Today I can say that I have pretty much finished what I lost and also improved it further in the process. Im currently working on improving the Defence Teaming Centre (DTC) webpage and I took the opportunity to upgrade the tab-based menu system at the top of the page. If you have a look at the current page - DTC - you might notice that each tab uses 2 images, one normal one and one for when the mouse hovers over.

Ive modified (havent uploaded modified version yet) the tab-system so that it uses sliding doors and retains the drop-down menu as well. If you want a great tutorial on how to use sliding doors check out A List Apart. My system should be uploaded to the server soon once we have approval of all the changes so if you are interested in seeing how I got drop downs to work with the sliding door technique then check back in a little while.


Ben said...

looks good dude.

so, are you working on multiple projects/companies now?

meph31 said...

Na only one 'work' project. Still with kaz. CSS stuff is for work but 3D stuff is just for kicks. Also gonna have to start on my own game soon as part of a course im doin at adelaide uni.

Well now that I know that someone has looked at it maybe I should update it some more.