Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wakeskate Part 1

For those of you that dont know, Im a big fan of wakeboarding. Because of this I was also quite keen to have a try on a wakeskate. For those of you that dont know what a wakeskate is, it is a cross between a wakeboard and a skateboard, hence the name. And if you dont know what a wakeboard is then have a look in google. If you dont know what a skateboard is then where have you been all this time? So a wakeskate is shaped similarly to a wakeboard (a little smaller and lighter) with no bindings so that skateboarding style tricks can be performed.

Well, wakeskates aren't cheap, so I thought to myself well how hard can one of these things be to make?

In order to make a wakeskate one must first know how it should look. I browsed a few webpages and got a general idea for the shape. After further research I saw that a large amount of wakeskates were made by sandwiching several sheets of plywood together.
So having drawn up an outline of the board I went to my hardware store to buy some sheets of ply. There were several options here. Normal ply and marine ply. Marine ply would be the obvious choice as the board would spend a large amount of time in the water, however it was much more expensive and as I was doing this project on a budget I went with the 'vanilla' ply. This choice wasnt totally foolish as I planned on using a waterproofer to seal the ply at a later date but more on that later.

So onto the building...

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