Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Havent done a huge amount lately. Mainly house type stuff. Done a bit of gardening and general house cleaning etc to get my unit into some kind of respectable shape.

Also started a few new models and put other projects on hold. I think the pirates/merchants game has been canned as I havent heard anything from the other guys in my team I was working with. Hadnt committed too much to it so no great loss. The blackout - escape building will be a unwrapped-textured model that hopefully will form part of a short animation I am thinking of doing. Hopefully the animation will put to use some of the models I am working on including the Ion Cannon that I have finished. The cruchimech (i think that is what they called it in GW) will be a bit of a centre piece and will be a lot of fun to model. Will let me run wild a bit. :D

Looking at redoing the bathroom and kitchen eventually in my new place so am thinking I might model them and maybe even the whole unit. That way I can make changes to the 3D model and then see how it might look before forking out the cash and actually wrecking my home.


Ben said...

domesticated lachie!!!!

dude, im in town till sunday. want to grab a beer?

meph31 said...

Yeah sounds good. Ill send u a msg later. Havent got too much planned for the weekend so should be good.

Yeah so domesticated its terrible. :D