Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wii Sensor Bar

In other news I modded my wii sensor bar. Not really a major project but just something to stop everyone tripping over the cord as it snaked from one side of my lounge room to the other. So it is nice and wireless now with a push button switch to turn it off and stop it chewing through all my batteries. When I find an appropriate wall adapter (Somewhere between 7.5-9Volts) that actually outputs its claimed voltage I will wire that up to work with the bar. I could take a photo of it but really there isnt much to look. - Except for maybe the warped ends of the bar where I supplied 12volts for about half a day and the LEDs got a 'little' hot.

Also bought a new bigger aquarium with a stand. Was a bargain but the stand has this dodgy white wash paint job so looks like there could be a bit of work there fixing that up.

5 Day skiings at Perisher coming up in less than a week!!!

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Leila said...

You write very well.