Saturday, December 23, 2006

Laos - pics 2

After a halfday of trekking we arrived at a remote village for lunch. We were soon the main attraction. Most of them stood there fascinated by us. Their village seems reasonably simple. They do have a school though.
And upon looking from a distance it seems they do have the obligatory satellite dishes on a few of the houses. Our guide (Pet) said that that village had a population of around 100.

From there we walked to another village (pop. around 400-500). It was a Mong (sp?) village and currently they are having some kind of festival which involves throwing balls around. Females who drop a ball thrown to them by a male have to marry the man who threw it. When we entered the village the males of our tour group made sure not to throw any balls that came our way and we specifically told the girls to CATCH everything.

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