Saturday, December 16, 2006

Mekong Delta Cruise

The Delta cruise consisted of a large amount of water and a large amount of boats. Boat sections of the journey were better than the bus sections as we could at least stretch our legs while travelling. It all felt weird for us tho, travelling with westerners again after we had spent our time out in the hamlet where we were the only white people. The tour made several stops. We were shown how they made coconut candy and other sweets (including cock rice - hey it definitely sounded like that was what they were saying).Also went for a short bike ride and saw a giant python.The floating markets were pretty cool and we got the best pineapple EVER there. Each boat ties what they have available to sell onto a bamboo pool - hopefully you can see it in the pic. Ohh, thought I might point out that banana trees grow like weeds around here and it only cost us about 10c for a bunch of lady fingers. Beers are also under a dollar.

The boarder crossing was pretty crazy when we pulled up at the edge of vietnam loads of monkeys (very fast agile kids) jumped onto our boat and started picking up our bags. We have noticed that around these parts it seems people try very hard to push their service onto you in order to make a buck. After obtaining our bags back we walked across the border, got a stamp and then boarded a boat which we all hoped was heading to Phnom Penh.

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